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    Street Soldiers is an Omega Boys Club sponsored, solutions oriented, weekly call-in radio show that focuses on the issues of violence, gangs, drugs, education and other topics which need attention in the community.

    We are the Voice of the Alive and Free Movement.

    The program began when rap performer Hammer approached Keith Naftly, 106.1 KMEL Program Director with the concept for a show that focuses on social concerns. The show was dubbed “Street Soldiers” after a song on one of Hammer’s albums. The first show aired in November, 1991 and was hosted by Hammer. The show was an instant success. After the first show with Hammer, Joseph Marshall, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Omega Boys Club of San Francisco, was selected by the management at KMEL to be Hammer’s successor and permanent host of Street Soldiers. Dr. Marshall and the Omega Boys Club have been airing the “Street Soldiers” message ever since.

    Street Soldiers is a vital part of Omega Boys Club’s work with young people. The show has been on the air every week for over 15 years, and each week calls from all over the San Francisco Bay Area are answered on the air. The callers are all ages and are from diverse backgrounds. Gang members, drug dealers, teen mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers and others in the community all call, seeking immediate solutions to their problems and someone to talk with.

    There has been both empirical and anecdotal evidence that Street Soldiers has been instrumental in stopping violence. Many listeners have indicated that they have changed their way of thinking or acting as a result of listening to the show.

    The host of Street Soldiers is Dr. Joseph Marshall, Executive Director of the Omega Boys Club, assisted by Club staff.

    The Omega Boys Club has federal trademark registrations of Street Soldiers and 1-800-SOLDIER so the marks can be used to carry the message of no violence, no drugs, no gangs, and no teen pregnancy to youth all over America.