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    Feb 4, 2010 by

    Street Soldiers is an Omega Boys Club sponsored, solutions oriented, weekly call-in show for youth, that focuses on the issues of violence, gangs, drugs, teen pregnancy and other topics which need attention in the community.


    The program began when rap performer Hammer approached Keith Naftly, 106.1 KMEL Program Director with the concept for a show that focuses on social concerns. The show was dubbed “Street Soldiers” after a song on one of Hammer’s albums. The first show aired in November, 1991 and was hosted by Hammer.

    The show was an instant success. After the first show with Hammer, Joseph Marshall, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Omega Boys Club of San Francisco, was selected by the management at KMEL to be Hammer’s successor and permanent host of Street Soldiers. Dr. Marshall and the Omega Boys Club have been airing the “Street Soldiers” message ever since.

    Visit the About page for more information…

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    1. During the election for President Obama’s many young people became engaged in politics, because they had a vision and hope for change. Now! that he is in office, the momentum from the young people have died. I am actively involved in the party, I write resolutions, which hopefully will bring some changes in our local community.

      How can we engage our young generation again, and how can we help the older generation to embrace a need to help our young generation join us collective on this platform ?

      Sign – People First – hele1@sbcglobal.net

      I would like to organize a Democratic Young Bay East Club

    2. Anita

      Hello All, I was listening to the program last night (March 27, 2011)but only got bits and pieces. How can I find out more about the program.

    3. Please Support “She’s Crying” a film written and directed by Rashid Abdul

      The goal of this project is to bring awareness to young women and families about the seriousness of child molestation and the psychological problems that can occur.

    4. on 1-14-2014 my son will be sent to prison for a crime that he did’nt commit.there was a witness for which was for prosecution but later became a witness for the defence.for which the witness is the aunt of the gentlemen whom is stating that my son did such crime.the aunt states that my son did’nt commit such crime. There are more details for which i will discuss futher.Can someone please contact me at 510-479-2943.Thank you for your help

    5. Listening to the fathers day show I’m happy to hear the appreciation side of being a father because I feel its not that spoken about or celbrated as mothers day is.. Thinking about what I went and still going through for my two daughters almost brings me to tears but im happy to hear that people appreciate us young black fathers.

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